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Anna - Osceola County Schools

Anna - Before

I was overweight, overstressed, overworked, and overtired when I saw the e-mail announcing Zumba classes being offered by Employee Wellness. Dancing for exercise? Seemed like a fun idea. Little did I know that those Zumba classes would set me on the path to better health, energy, and weight loss. Zumba classes stopped over the summer of 2009, but the transformation had begun. I changed my diet and continued to exercise. As soon as Employee Wellness offered Zumba again in September, I was there dancing the pounds away and additionally I joined a gym. It hasn't been easy carving out the time for my workouts, but they are now as necessary to me as breathing. ....If it hadn't been for that small first step, starting the district Zumba classes, I may not be where I am today. I have now lost 170 pounds (yes, you read that right, 170 pounds) since July 2009. My body fat is an amazing 18%, and I have a healthy BMI. I did it, and so can you. Start with a couple of Zumba classes a week, small changes in your diet, set mini-goals, incorporate weight training, get a workout partner and hold each other accountable, challenge yourself to do more, and you too can be on a path to better health. 

As Lau-tzu said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".   - Anna 

Anna - Now!

Rina - Seminole County Schools

             Rina before                                              Rina now!

I'm Rina, a 50 Days of Fitness participant from last year. I'm a Seminole County Public Schools teacher. I wanted you to know how thankful I am for this program. I took full advantage of the opportunity it brought by joining Lifestyles gym (now LA fitness). As of today, I still have my book and all material obtained in those weekly seminars which I learned very valuable information (tools) in order to reach my health and fitness goals. Joining the 50 Days was one of the best things I have done. I'm in optimal health and have lost a great deal of weight (smallest I have been ever) within the last year. I have continued to attend the gym regularly (6X a week) and I learned how to make better nutritional choices that go with my new lifestyle. I'm now running 5K's and 10K's which I have placed in the top ten for my age group. I'm currently training for a half marathon and I feel great. I thank God always first and foremost for my health, my family, my job and opportunities like this. I would love to help others by paying it forward and sharing my story. I have a lot more to share because this past year has been a journey. I look forward to participating in this year's 50 Days of Fitness! I hope my story can inspire others to do what I have done and/or even more!

Griffin Bruehl

My 50 Days of Fitness journey began in January of 2012. From then on my life has been changed. I started 50 Days of Fitness while incorporating AdvoCare into my diet. I lost a total of 35 pounds in the 50 days! My energy levels have sky rocketed, I no longer have cravings, and I am a new me. This program not only changed my life physically, but more importantly, spiritually. The amazing leaders I had made it a priority for me to grow in my faith and improve in my walk with Christ. Since 50 Days of Fitness, my walk with Christ has drastically changed and has continued to strengthen each and every day. To this day I have continued to keep the 35 pounds off. 

                Griffin before                    Griffin now!

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