Meet The 

Todd Lamphere

Journey365 Founder/Creator of 50 Days of Fitness

Todd Lamphere is a community leader, motivational speaker, founder of Journey365, and creator of 50 Days of Fitness. Todd is also the co-founder and teaching Pastor of The Venue Church. 50 Days of Fitness and this journey of wellness started out as a means to get people moving toward a healthier lifestyle. Todd was finding that so many people in his community weren’t healthy. They weren’t moving and stress was eating them up. He developed this program to help people get healthy, happy, and hopeful through wellness. Over the years, this program has helped organizations, companies, and communities develop a roadmap to health and wellness.

Education and Military Service: Todd graduated from Liberty University with a Journalism/Public Relations degree. Todd also served our country with the United States Army in the early 80’s earning several distinguished awards to include, 1983 Fort Eustis, VA Soldier of the Year award, and 1983 Forces Command (FORSCOM) Soldier of the Year award.

Todd resides with his wife of over 30 years, Trish, in the Central Florida area. They have three children and six grandchildren.

Kitt Hildreth

Certified Personal Trainer / Nutritional Coach

Kitt Hildreth and his wife, Karen, founded Fitness Xperts back in 2006 to provide clients the most effective workouts in a fun, non-threatening environment. Today it has grown to be one of the top fitness studios in Central Florida with over 20 trainers and a wide variety of fitness programs from which to choose. Kitt has been a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor for over 15 years, working with a wide variety of clientele. He also specializes in programs for those competing on stage, and has helped many local pageantry winners including Erica Dunlap who won Miss America in 2004.

Education and Certification: Kitt received his B.S. degree in Health Sciences with a focus on Exercise Physiology, Human Anatomy and Clinical Nutrition from the University of Central Florida. He later went on to receive his MBA, also from UCF.

Kitt also holds multiple certifications both in Fitness Training and various Nutritional Applications.

Karen Hildreth

Certified Personal Trainer / Nutritional Coach

Growing up, Karen had a weight problem. She thanks God that her parents encouraged her to eat right and exercise. She began to take her own lunch to school and she started to lose weight. Her life changed forever. Karen's first job was teaching aerobics to her teachers at school. After graduating, she started her own business and opened a Personal Training Studio. Now 15 years later, she's still very passionate about changing peoples’ lives by encouraging them to not be okay with "NORMAL".

Karen's philosophy on exercise and well-being:

Today, right here and right now is the best time to make a change, to promote better health, to reach a higher level of fitness, to smile more and to be exactly who you want to be. Karen's joy and passion come from the inspiration she derives from helping others realize their worth and reach their goals. She is passionate about helping others discover their physical and mental capability. 

Karen has certifications with the International Sports Science Assn., Personal Training, Fitness for the Elderly, and Sports Nutrition. She specializes in endurance and weight training and interval/circuit training.