Every New Day is a chance to Change Your life!

increasing physical strength and stamina

Journey365 is a year-long premier fitness and wellness initiative that is designed to encourage, assist, and educate you on how to maintain the happy and healthy lifestyle changes that are developed during the 50 Days of Fitness. This journey to a healthier lifestyle is built around four guiding principles, as noted in your journal: 

Nutrition: What will I put in my body today? 

Exercise: What will I do with my body today?

Relationships: What can I do to enhance my relationships today? 

Blessing: How can I enhance someone's life today? 


The first step to getting started is to understand and utilize the tools that are available on the Journey365 road to fitness. This program was developed to provide an easy-to-follow approach to attaining one’s fitness goals....whether it’s losing weight, increasing physical strength and stamina, or even training for a marathon. This program is for anyone looking to enhance his or her lifestyle with healthier choices.

Making the decision to enjoy the journey with us also allows you the benefit of the many tools available right here on our website. You have on-line seminars, workout and instructional videos, nutritional tips and information, continuing education, motivational and inspirational blogs, and a community forum to share and receive support from others going through the journey with you. You are also able to take part in our year-long incentive points and rewards program for all the effort you have put in to the program.

Journey365 provides the information necessary to implement these healthier choices into your everyday life.  Everyone needs a plan and then the motivation and encouragement to make that plan a part of their daily choices.  We are here to provide members the exceptional tools and support to enable them to stay on track to a life-changing transformation.

Jump-Start Phase - 50 Days of Fitness

50 Days of Fitness connects you with local gyms and nutritional experts for 50 days. Each 50 Days participant receives access to area fitness facilities and wellness services, a 50 Days motivational food and fitness journal, and a commemorative T-shirt.

Maintenance Phase - Year-long Online Virtual Wellness Resources

The journey continues for day 51 and beyond with the Journey365 website online resources. Each member is encouraged to take full advantage of all the virtual wellness resources available to them such as online health, nutrition, and fitness seminars, numerous exercise ideas and videos, healthy recipes, community support forum, informative articles, plus health and nutrition tips.

Transformation Phase - Total Wellness Weekend (optional/additional cost)

The Total Wellness Weekend is a life changing event for individuals and couples who want to engage in total body, mind, and soul wellness. This weekend seminar takes you through eight impactful principles for living a maximized life.

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