50 Days of Fitness connects you with local gyms, fitness providers, and nutritional experts. Each 50 Days participant receives access to area fitness facilities and wellness services, a 50 Days inspirational food and fitness journal, and a commemorative T-shirt.

50 Days of Fitness is your jump-start to a healthier and more fulfilling way of life. Let’s face it, making that sincere commitment to exercise more, eat better, and focus on being a better you can be a daunting and challenging task at times. There are plenty of outside forces trying to keep you from reaching your goals. That is why 50 Days of Fitness was created. It’s your road to fitness that is filled with tools, information, and motivation to help you learn to develop the disciplines of healthy eating and regular exercise.


Nutrition, exercise, relationships, and blessing are the key elements on this journey to a healthier lifestyle. During your 50 Days experience, you will have access to a variety of workout plans, nutritional tips, relationship-building opportunities, inspirational messages, and community support.

50 Days of Fitness also offers a valuable extra bonus! Your membership includes the opportunity to use any of our partnering gyms in your local area for up to 50 days. In essence, it is a free pass to help you get the maximum benefit from your workouts. In addition, we have workout videos available on this website to help you get started. You will find exercises you can do at a gym, or if you prefer, exercises you can do at home. We want you to feel confident and prepared wherever you decide to start exercising.


We encourage you to invite a friend or two to join you on this journey. Accountability is key in generating a new lifestyle, and going down this road is a lot more fun with someone by your side. The important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Your program membership and participation in the community forum also provides the opportunity to connect with others to share your ideas, encouragement and successes. 

50 Days of Fitness is an opportunity to begin a fresh start toward a healthy new lifestyle.   

the District of Osceola County Schools had a successful 
50 Days of Fitness kick-off Rally in 2014!